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As a speaker and master storyteller, Vicki inspires audiences with her passionate, charismatic and optimistic personality. She motivates employees and leaders to take action, utilizing attention-grabbing examples.   Vicki demonstrates how the implementation of simple leadership skills can advance an entire workforce towards a collective goal.

By the conclusion of her presentation, audiences have a clear understanding about the relationship between employee engagement, the level of service and customer loyalty. Audiences of all sizes enjoy Vicki’s unique, down-to-earth approach to leadership development and employee engagement. Her heartfelt passion for people and unmatched approachability help her connect with attendees to inspire action.

Most importantly, Vicki believes in noticeable results, so she leaves her audience with simple, specific leadership tools. Because Vicki utilizes stories and case studies to demonstrate the tool, audience members can utilize these strategies right away for an immediate impact to employee and team engagement.

Vicki’s New Book

The Leadership Toolbox, 14 Strategies that Build a Chain Reaction of Success, is a cornerstone of Vicki’s engaging and effective approach to leadership.The book was designed to be a practical and systematic approach to leadership, purposely tailored for easy implementation within virtually any organization—from small start-ups to Fortune 100 multinational companies. Many are surprised by the simplicity of the tools, but the power of these tools actually lies in their simplicity. Most importantly, the tools are foolproof and easy to understand. Employee and leadership confidence is built by practicing the tools in real work situations. Results are seen – almost immediately in some cases.

To engage Vicki as a speaker for your upcoming event, please contact the office at 831-313-1182 or email info@theleadershiptoolbox.com

For volume discounts on The Leadership Toolbox – 14 Strategies that Build a Chain Reaction of Success, please email: info@theleadershiptoolbox.com 

Get the Book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.  Coming Soon to iBooks and GooglePlay!