Employee engagement and employee retention, have a direct relationship to the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty – Impacting bottom line results!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Vicki:

“Vicki has a special gift when it comes to empowering others and has the skill set and confidence needed to accomplish what seems un-accomplishable.”  – C.L., VP

“Vicki is able to identify and capitalize on the strengths of individuals to build strong, well-rounded leadership teams.  So with Vicki’s mentoring, these leadership teams are able to achieve great success in a very short period of time.” – J.L., Manager

“Vicki’s way of mentoring employees is quite an anomaly.  Being interested in people and teaching that it’s not about “me.”  It’s about what we do for others on a daily basis. So her approach is very simple – Ask, peel back the layers, have a focal point of where you need to go.” – C.E., VP

“Vicki is an excellent coach to both new and old managers, and has the ability to assess organizational flaws with terrific insight. She brings with her a massive amount of tips and tricks, along with enthusiasm and positivity that is simply contagious.” – B.L., Assistant Director

“Vicki had a tremendous impact on our staff and we realized very positive results in a short period of time. Her guidance and leadership gave us the direction we needed to be successful and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Vicki will always be part of our organization.” – J.J., Director

“Vicki’s strengths are her leadership, strong customer focus and ability to get things done. She was instrumental in developing up and coming leaders.  Her commitment to client satisfaction was superb and regular client feedback was testimony to her efforts to earn their satisfaction and loyalty.” – R.F., President

“Vicki’s ability to mentor is surpassed only by her genuine desire to see others succeed. She gave sound advice and did not hold back on what needed improvement. I count the time spent with Vicki equal to a master’s degree in management.” – J.F., Director

What to learn more about how to increase your employee retention?

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