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Leadership Tools That Drive Employee Engagement

The-Leadership-ToolboxVicki Brackett has been a firm believer in high employee engagement which will impact customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

For over two decades she’s been the go-to expert for companies that are faltering and in need of a rapid leadership makeover to take them to the top. Now, she is sharing the leadership tools she has developed in her career and taught to hundreds of leaders in her book, The Leadership Toolbox – 14 Strategies that Build a Chain Reaction of Success.

The how-to guide lays out 14 leadership tools Vicki and her teams have relied on to drive employee engagement and take the lowest performing business units and convert them into the highest performing.  Results are seen in unbelievable time frames driving employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Throughout Vicki’s career, The Leadership Toolbox emerged as a proven systematic process for helping employees and business leaders quickly implement solutions that impact their revenue and bottom line in 90 to 120 days.

The Leadership Toolbox showcases 50 case studies and stories and was designed to be a practical and systematic approach to leadership.  These tools are purposely tailored for easy implementation within virtually any organization—from small start-ups to Fortune 100 multinational companies – all while impacting employee engagement. Many are surprised by the simplicity of the tools, but the power of these tools actually lies in their simplicity. They are foolproof and easy to understand. Employee and leadership confidence are built by practicing the tools in real work situations and seeing the results (almost immediately in some cases).

The Leadership Toolbox is written for two distinct audiences

Leaders within organizations who struggle with how to properly motivate and manage front-line employees who are levels down in the organization. And, Human Resource individuals who are tasked with identifying appropriate training and increasing employee engagement and retention, while enhancing diversity and inclusion. The leadership tools in the book can be used to address a variety of problems including productivity, safety scores, sales revenue, customer service satisfaction scores, net promotor scores, client satisfaction, employee engagement, and more.

The Leadership Toolbox Promotes Employee Engagement and Authentic Inclusion – Driving Customer Loyalty and Bottom Line Results!

Each of the tools in The Leadership Toolbox has been vetted by thousands of employees and dozens of organizations over the course of 20 years. Examples of some of the success that have been accomplished within organizations include:

    • Employee attrition reduced from 90% annually to 10% annually in just 90 days.
    • Employee absenteeism reduced by 50% in 90 days.
    • Customer Service Satisfaction Scores increased from 59% to 90% in five months.
    • Employee engagement scores moved over from 62% to over 90% in 4 months.
    • Client bases salvaged and grown within four months – doubling gross revenue.
    • Sales conversion increased by 100%, 200% and even 300%
    • Savings of millions of dollars in recruiting and training costs.

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