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Impact your organization today with consulting that achieves results!

Vicki and her team train, provide consulting and leadership mentoring at all levels inside companies to help with strategic planning, employee engagement and retention, authentic inclusion, process re-engineering and moving key performance indicators in the right direction, all while increasing employee satisfaction and employee retention.

Areas of consulting:

  • Duplicate a manager’s efforts so that results are achieved faster, without additional labor costs.
  • Build creative team structures that engage employees and increase skill sets, while quickly driving projects and metrics.
  • Develop authentic inclusion that engages employees and creates an environment where they want to come to work and perform.
  • Develop innovative employee engagement programs that drive bottom line results and authentic inclusion within the organization.
  • Help second and/or third-level leader to manage through other leadership levels.
  • Infuse a leadership mindset in your front-line employees so you can move towards your goals faster and build a deeper leadership bench, so you are ready for growth.
  • Engage front-line employees so they don’t hinder new initiatives and drag down your progress.
  • Close process gaps quickly without employees and managers engaging in a tug of war.
  • Increase your leadership bench more quickly, with minimal costs, so leaders are ready to be successful when they are promoted to the next level.
  • Retain the right talent to drive business and increase revenue/net profit.
  • Achieve exemplary customer satisfaction scores and sales conversion rates with lower training costs.
  • Instill the right behaviors in an employee or leader without telling them what to do or how to act.
  • Understand when someone is really ready to promote, and promoting authentic inclusion within your organizations so you don’t regret your decision later.

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