4 Ways to Engage Your Employees – Hit Your Goals Faster and Retain Your People

If your employees aren’t engaged in your business, it can affect your customer experience, customer loyalty and cause employee attrition.  This can ultimately affecting your bottom line.  Here are some tips on HOW to engage your employees – to not only retain them – but to get them excited about your company initiatives.

  1. Include them in the decision-making process

It’s always a good idea to enlist your teams’ thoughts when tackling a new initiative.  What do they see as potential road blocks to success?  What do they think will get you across the finish line faster?

By interacting with them individually, and as a group, you will engage your employees.  You will also gain valuable information, and your employees feel validated and part of the solution.  Once that happens, they will take personal ownership and responsibility for the desired outcome.

  1. Keep the goal in front of your employees at all times

Sometimes, leaders assume that they will get desired results from their organization by sending out an email or memo announcing the goal.  However, by articulating the objective in every email, chat, text, post, video conference and phone call, you not only engage your employees, but you reinforce the overall direction among the employees. By consistently mentioning the target, even with a simple phrase, you can cement that goal within the employees’ subconscious.  Their actions will continuously drive towards the desired outcome.

By utilizing repetition, employees will start assimilating their belief in the accomplished goal into their daily activities. When that happens across your organization, you engage your employees.  There will be a chain reaction, with goals achieved faster than thought possible.

Engage Your Employees – Make it a Team Sport!

3. Communicate how “we” as an organization are doing

When you talk with your employees, use “we” and “us” when referring to the organization. Let them know that their actions matter in achieving the overall objective. Ask “What can I, as a leader, can do to move obstacles out of YOUR way so that WE can hit OUR goal?”

  1. Compliment them as they move towards the goal

Human beings need and sometimes crave positive validation.  As leaders, we give our employees positive reinforcement when we affirm their contributions to the accomplishments of the organization.  This positive reinforcement will engage your employees, encouraging them to do more of the same actions – without asking them to do so.

The Personal 30-Day Leadership Challenge

For those of you who think that it isn’t your job to over communicate, motivate, or pump up your employees, I would encourage you to take a “Personal 30-Day Leadership Challenge.” Try something different to engage your employees and change your daily communications with them. Implement these 4 leadership actions for the next 30 days and see the changes within your organization.

As leaders, we are responsible for everything that happens in our organization – especially employee engagement – because it affects our bottom line. Be the leadership example that people want to emulate.  This will engage your employees and build a chain reaction of success for yourself and your organization.