The Leadership Tool Box

Imagine a business environment where front-line employees are highly engaged and take pride in the success of the company, current leaders have time to mentor their own replacements, and process improvements are implemented quickly before gaps affect the bottom line.

Vicki Brackett has spent her entire career, building programs that engage employees to achieve results that impact business in a big way.  Her core belief is that the level of customer and client success is a direct relationship to the level of employee engagement, and there is a way to engage employees and make changes to processes quickly so that leadership doesn’t have any surprises when looking at their key performance indicators or P & L.

Vicki’s experience, leading organization from 50 to over 2000 employees has led her to understand that leaders will spend time on their organizations either on the front end being proactive in engaging employees, driving process re-engineering and mentoring leadership or they will spend the time doing “damage control” on the back end to try and turnaround less than acceptable or failing key performance indicators.

Throughout Vicki’s career, she has developed and implemented a systematic and methodical approach for helping employees and business leaders quickly implement solutions that engage employees and impact organization’s revenue and bottom line in 90 to 120 days.

Combining a practical and proactive approach, with a  no-nonsense, down to earth and fun style, Vicki and her team help leaders:

  • Develop a Strategy That Everyone Can Get Behind
  • Motivate Employees to Buy into Your Goals
  • Identify Metrics Going the Wrong Way Before They Show up on Your Report
  • Engage Employees Through Honest Dialogue
  • Understand What Motivates Your People and Capitalize on It
  • Gain Efficiencies While Simultaneously Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Challenge Leaders to Accept Responsibility
  • Get Your Point Across Faster and Inspire Momentum
  • Help Employees with Great Potential to Get out of Their Own Way
  • Duplicate Your Efforts to Move Faster, Without Increasing Labor Costs
  • Harness New Ideas and Build Your Leadership Bench
  • Build a Leadership Bench That Guarantees Future Success

Now, she is sharing the tools she has developed in her career and taught to hundreds of leaders in her first book, The Leadership Toolbox. The how-to guide lays out 14 tools Vicki has relied on to take the lowest performing business units and convert them into the highest performing in unbelievable timeframes.

 You can schedule a Brainstorming Session to see how Vicki and her team can help your organization reach their goals by calling the office at 831-313-1182 or by emailing

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